The Second Work Focus of Our Law Firm is Criminal Law.

The advising and representation of our clients in conjunction with criminal law–more precisely said, with criminal law accusations from the investigating authorities–is another focus of our law firm. Criminal law investigations often trigger substantial mental strains for the affected persons owing to the related potential, sometimes significant consequences and the importance of the legal matter.

Seek out Consulting as Early as Possible

It is all the more necessary to obtain professional consulting as early as possible. Only by obtaining consulting from the outset can it be ensured that important rights are granted by the investigating authorities. What legal layman already knows that he does not have to obey a summons from the police? Who knows that the accused are not obliged to make a statement and the accused must be informed of this right at the beginning of the interrogation? Who knows that the police must instruct the accused that they have the right to already consult with an attorney before the interrogation? Only through consulting from the outset by a specialised criminal law attorney can it be ensured that a situation-specific defense strategy will be formulated.

Investigative Proceedings, Court Proceedings

Already during the government’s investigative proceedings, important points can be raised and, in suitable cases, for example, a discontinuation of proceedings may occur, thus an indictment may be avoided. However, if the investigative proceedings result in court proceedings, only an attorney representing your interests who is familiar with the subject matter can ensure that claims of potential procedural violations by the investigating authorities can be effectively asserted during the proceedings and defense options can be utilised.

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Then come to us!

We will advise and represent you competently during all phases of the criminal law process–from the investigation by the police to the contentious proceedings of the Court of First Instance to any appeals and execution of sentences.